Mahogany Kit Wine Racking  and a 1/2 Ton Wine Guardian installed for a wine cellar in an old field stone basement, after being framed and insulated to my specifications.

Nahant, Massachusetts




Wine Guardian S240505 Half Ton Ducted wine cellar cooling unit

Wine Guardian when it arrives via common carrier truck.

The wine cellar is the large door straight ahead and the wine cellar cooling unit is located in the closet to the left of the wine cellar door.


A platform is built to elevate the Wine Guardian off the floor.  This is necessary so the condensation will flow to the pump below by gravity.

An example of the duct collars used to go through the walls.  Registers are used for the supply and return air into and out of the wine cellar (right side of photo), in addition to the exhaust and intake for the cooler (left side of photo).  The reason for the intake and exhaust is that the cooler is located in the closest and if we didn’t get rid of the hot exhaust air, the cooler will bring it in from the intake and will not function properly.  The cooler works best when the ambient (intake) temperature is lower than 80º F.