We have built wine cellars with Coastal Breeze Homes since 2005.  Here are some photos of a wine room we did for one of their luxury home clients who purchased the Etesian Model III.  It is furnished with Napa Racks, our brand of all heart redwood wine racking, and a Wine Guardian ducted cooling system.

This wine cellar has an arch with a puck light that shines down on a table top made from reclaimed wine barrels.  There is a diamond bin wine rack under the table and individual bottle wine racks on the sides.  In the individual wine racking is a high reveal display row with LED lighting behind the valance to feature the home owners’ very best fine wine.

In the ceiling are two registers for the Wine Guardian 025 ducted wine cellar refrigeration unit that was mounted in the attic.  One is for the supply air and one is for the return air.  The grills we used have fins that direct the air in opposite directions.

The Wine Guardian climate control system comes with a control panel that monitors the temperature and humidity in the wine cellar.  The humidifier is an add-on.  Here is a picture of the unit before being placed in the attic.  The duct collars and flex ducts are not shown.

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