A satisfied client in Nantucket, MA referred me to his business partner in Miami Beach who’s sommelier was having have huge problem when stocking his and his fiance’s brand new wine room in their recently renovated penthouse condo.  The wine rack openings were too small and therefore scratching the expensive bottle labels!  However, within a few seconds of walking in to the room, water dripped from a recessed ceiling light onto my head and I realized it had be dripping on the racks, bottles and floor.  This is a massive problem.  Much larger that scratched label.  There could be major electrical damage and mold growth.  Long story short, we immediately shut the cooler and lights and the client took my advice to let Alex (the new GC) and I open up the ceiling and walls to check if there was enough insulation, if any.  Sure enough, there was not any insulation on some walls and there was only a thin layer in parts of the ceiling and on other walls.  The remodeler before Alex, clearly did not research how to properly build a condo wine room or source appropriate racking.  Our new client was obviously appreciative of our discovery and that I helped him store all his wine offsite while we built a new custom wine cellar.  Here are the stunning results:  Black Walnut lined wall panels, Custom Walnut Racks and Cabinets with Adjustable Shelves and Lighted High Reveal Display Row, a Backlit Onyx Counter with a full Backsplash Wall.