Flipping Boston TV Show on A&E TV – Newburyport, MA

2023 is the 10 Year Anniversary of the show!

What an exciting experience working on the TV show Flipping Boston with Peter and Desi Souhleris and Dave Seymour!   This was a unique episode.  Peter and Desi competed for best design.   They were each designing, renovating and furnishing separate sides of the North School House that was built in 1805!  This historic brick building was subject to a duplex condo conversion in the charming seaport city of  Newburyport, which is also the home of the US Coast Guard.  Dave added his help and humor throughout the filming.

My part of the show included designing and building wine structures to be the focus of the individual basements.  On the initial site visit, the entire basement were full of hoarder’s trash.  I am still trying to find the original photos before it was cleaned out and ready for my crew to create our wine cellar magic.  Gail Kappotis from Seacoast Interiors helped with design and Ron and Mark assisted with constructing the racks and bar with me. 

On Desi’s side, we made a custom Ash Bar with wood supplied by Keiver Willard Lumber in Newburyport and it was topped with our Authentic Wine Oak Wine Barrel Material.  The Wine Racks are a stained Mahogany.  On Peter’s side, we used Reclaimed Wood Planks from a door in the home and weathered some new pine to finish up the Walls and Shelves.  Under the Custom Counter Top are the black painted Mahogany Wine Racks.