Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Systems fall into 2 categories:  “Through-the-wall” or  “Ducted.”

Through-the-Wall, Self Contained Cooling Systems

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WhisperKOOL sc 2000i Through the Wall Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooling System


Ducted, Self Contained Cooling Units 

Wine Guardian: Self Contained, Ducted Cooling System

The first type mounts Through-the-Wall like traditional window air conditioners.  A rectangular opening is framed in a wine room wall and the cooler is set in the opening.  It blows cold air into the room.  The compressor inside the machine gets very hot, therefore, fans in the back of the cooler blow air over the compressor to cool it down.  You will notice warm / air blowing into the adjacent room to the wine cellar out of the back of the cooler.  If blowing hot air into the other room is not acceptable, the other option is using a water-cooled system.  This set up requires a water line hooked up to the wine cellar cooler that will dissipate the heat from the compressor.  Also consider this cooler will also be noisier than a split cooler system because the compressor fans of the split system are not in the wine cellar.  Make not there is also a condensation drain line that should be connected to the back of the cooler systems. 


The other Self Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Unit is a Ducted System.  The machine works just like the Through-Wall Coolers described above, but is usually completely mounted in a room next to the wine cellar, in an attic or basement.  Occasionally they are located in the room.  Ductwork is attached to duct collars on the cooling unit and to registers in the walls, ceiling or floor of the wine room.  This way there are only a few grills in the wine cellar that will either be blowing cold air into the room or returning warm air back to the cooling system.


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